6 Best Wedding Planners in Austin, Texas

Wedding Planners to Make Your Day

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Weddings are beautiful. They are full of excitement and joy. However, many people hire wedding planners for successful and stress-free wedding preparations. These professionals will ensure everything is under control and ensure your special day is super organized. A reliable wedding planner will ensure your wedding day is a success. 

So, if you are considering hiring a wedding planner in Austin, here is a list of the top 5 wedding planners. Check them out.

36th Street Events

This company has an expert team of designers and producers who work together to give clients the best wedding celebration in Austin. 36th Street Events offers services such as full-service planning, event design, and production packages. The team will take care of all logistical hurdles and hassles associated with the wedding planning process to create a seamless experience and a stress-free environment. From timelining to budgeting to decor design, you can’t go wrong when you choose 36th Street Events to plan your wedding.

Austin Wedding Planners

This is an event and wedding planner company located in Austin. Austin Wedding Planners offer various services such as destination events and wedding, corporate events, and personal events. They have a team of experienced wedding planners who will help make your wedding reflect who you are, whether modern, classic, unconventional, traditional, creative, or adventurous. Austin Wedding Planners will help create a memorable wedding event by giving you great recommendations on florists, venues, bands, DJs, etc. Austin Wedding Planners will help you get your dream wedding that suits your budget.

Day and Knight Events

Austin is home to Day and Knight Events. This is a company that excels in wedding design services. At Day and Knight Events, they take inspiration from their customers and put them together to create an unforgettable event that feels original and unique. They have a team that is experienced when it comes to event planning. They work as a team to ensure they offer a comprehensive service that makes your dream wedding come true. Day and Knight Events provide various packages and additional enhancement options. They offer partial and full-service planning, as well as day-of coordination planning levels. 

Truly Together Event

You should also consider this professional wedding planning company in Austin, Texas. Cassie, an experienced top event planner in Austin, owns the company. She started this company in 2010 and have managed to plan countless wedding celebration since then. Truly Together Event team strives to inspire clients to stop worrying about wedding preparation and have confidence. With the help of their services, you can focus on enjoying and celebrating every moment of your big day. 

Clearly Classy Events

This company has a dedicated team of organizers, coordinators, designers, and planners who work together to execute a wedding regardless of shape and size. Clearly Classy Events have received various awards and acknowledgment from news outlets and wedding publications. The staff at Clearly Classy Events provide a complimentary first consultation. Their packages include full-service and day-of packages. The company also handles destination weddings for lovers who want to make a holiday out of their wedding day. 

Alter Ego Weddings

This is an award-winning wedding planning company in Austin. Alter Ego Weddings have a dedicated team that will do everything to ensure your big day is as stress-free as possible. They are passionate about giving their clients a relaxing and carefree environment on their wedding day. The team at Alter Ego Weddings can step in at any moment to take care of your wedding preparation and ensure you have an unforgettable event. They offer wedding planning and coordination packages from full-service to month-of services. Alter Ego Weddings can customize a wedding package to suit your needs and vision. 

What’s the Best Venue for Your Wedding Day in Austin?

No matter the wedding planner you choose, you will need a venue for your wedding. And that’s where 6Branch comes in. 6Branch is a classic wedding venue perfect for your big day. A great wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. So, contact us today, and we will help you have an unforgettable experience.