The Best 10 Wedding Photographers in Austin

a wedding photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom in nature, the photographer in action

The wedding photographer you choose has one of the essential roles to play on your wedding day. This is because they must capture all the candid and special moments, from preparation to the last dance. That’s why a couple needs to be cautious while choosing a photographer. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, check out this list of top-rated names in Austin.

Matt Montalvo Photography

Matt Montalvo is a multi-award-winning photographer in Austin who specializes in wedding documentation. He has enough experience to turn memories into art since he established his company in 2007. Every year he usually shoots around 60 to 70 weddings. Matt is a dedicated and passionate photographer who focuses on documenting the story of your big day instead of just taking impersonal pictures. 

Leo Pham Photography

This is another top service located in Austin that produces timeless and authentic images of a client’s wedding. Leo started his photography career in fashion and later transitioned to weddings. His services are under a one-event-day policy. This ensures that your wedding day receives the detailed attention it deserves. His main goal is to produce a great collection of pictures that many generations will treasure.

Lorenzo Marez

Lorenzo is a professional photographer who offers photography services in Austin. He is an experienced photographer who never misses a perfect photo. So, if you want to capsulize your big day, he has the skills you are looking for. 

Randy Diddly Filmworks

Since its establishment in 2010, Randy Diddly Filmworks has captured hundreds of fabulous weddings. The company offers coverage of nine hours, Blu-ray copies, and raw footage on a hard drive. The company provides four videography options for your wedding day, including a documentary film for at least 15 minutes with the groom and bride’s interview or a 10-minute highlight reel, personal photos, and the highlights of the special day.

Tori Larson Photography

Tori Larson photography will ensure they create something wonderful and unique with you. It’s a wedding and portrait photography company situated in Austin. Tori, the owner, likes to explore the outdoors and will capture amazing photos that will make your big day unforgettable. Their package features engagement sessions, wedding portraits, high-quality digital images, albums, etc. 

Chris Johnson Photography

Chris Johnson Photography has a fantastic talent for taking detailed photos. Whether you want a professional photographer for your wedding or just a simple portrait shot, Chris will take every image with detail and artistry. Chris has been capturing unique and memorable experiences for more than eight years. He will ensure that you never forget your big day, and the memories last a lifetime.

Kim’s Events Paintings

Kim paints at corporate events, weddings, private parties, and fundraisers in the US. If you like art, consider hiring Kim Events Paints for live event painting. Live event painting is a unique and special way to capture the special moments on your big day in a single frame. Every painting is special and unique and is a gift to treasure for a long time. 

Imaginative Creations

Do you want a creative documentary for your big day? Then get in touch with Imaginative Creations professionals who will ensure you get a unique piece of art that portrays your personality. You will receive raw and emotional footage combined with cinematic and artistic details—these professional filmmakers like telling stories and will capture every expressionistic tone throughout the special day. This company delivers memorable films for couples. 

Purely Films

Purely Films, previously known as Purelyruined Studio, is a photography company owned by a husband and wife in Austin. This couple will bring out your personality and love life through a unique and remarkable film that you’ll adore for many years. They will give you two videographers for detailed pre-production work, full coverage of your wedding, and custom content. Purely Films have the best gear and multiple cameras that ensure you don’t miss any moment. 

TwoFish Wedding Photography And Video

With the help of these top wedding videographers in Austin, the wedding highlight video will give an excellent and compelling story about your love. Since its establishment in 2010, TwoFish Wedding Photography has created timeless films. These professionals take each shot with intention and purpose. This means you will revisit your wedding day with joy as you remember every special moment. The company aims to deliver unique videos that showcase your special day via mailbox or inbox as downloadable files or on a flash drive.

Have A Fantastic Wedding Day At 6Branch

These are the top photographers in Austin. So feel free to choose one that suits your needs and ensure you have your wedding at 6Branch. 6Branch is a classy and amazing venue to hold your wedding in Austin. Book with us today, 2023 is filling fast.