Everything Your Small Austin Wedding Needs

What is a Small Wedding?  

According to Martha Stewart, a small wedding consists of 50 people or less.   

Intimate weddings should feel like you’re having dinner with friends rather than a formal reception. Trim down your big wedding list and consider who you’d really like by your side. In this case, less is more.  

What Do I Need for My Austin Small Wedding?  

It takes time to plan a wedding, regardless of size.  

Take the time you need to plan everything under your budget. Curate a wedding dream list that outlines everything you want from your big day. A smaller wedding can be budget friendly, or go big and spoil yourself and your guests! 

The perks of a small Austin wedding are as unique as the city itself. It’s a true personal experience curated to look just like your favorite RomCom wedding! 

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What Does My Guest List Look Like?  

Don’t feel pressured to invite people you wouldn’t feel comfortable with in an intimate setting.   

Remember, we are capped at 50 guests. Yes, this includes plus-ones. Plus-ones should only be tacked on to people you know and would be comfortable with seeing in photographs that last ages. Take the time to outline your boundaries with your guests and if needed, approve plus-ones as they come.  

Make Your Own Rules 

Throw tradition out the window! That’s right. You’re not inviting your great aunt’s boyfriend. Take what you normally spend on budget and make it a memorable experience for everyone. This is your big chance to make a personalized experience that speaks specifically to your love story. 

Here are some of our ideas for the perfect intimate wedding:  

  • Personalized menus showcasing your love story 
  • A unique bar with themed drinks from your favorite memories as a couple 
  • Have an outdoor reception with alluring lighting 
  • Customize your guest tables with unique floral arrangements and design 
  • Focus on small wedding bags for each guest 
  • Create the ultimate guest experience with a weekend-long event 
  • Hire a videographer to shoot your wedding documentary  

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Where Can I Host a Small Austin Wedding? 

Celebrate your love with the big Texas sky for your small wedding.  

6Branch has you covered with beautiful, untouched hill country that will create memories that last for generations. We offer an array of services including intimate outdoor events, weekend wedding getaways, and lighting that will make your heart swell. Plus, we have a wonderfully curated list of vendors who can help you achieve your perfect intimate wedding. 

Book an appointment today for your big day!