Wedding Trends to Expect in 2022

Expect Celestial Themes to Shine in 2022

When it comes to the perfect wedding theme, a celestial wedding is written in the stars.

Not only is astrology in, but you can really capture your love in the biggest way for your loved ones with a zodiac seating chart. Place all the air signs with fire signs and watch the sparks fly.

A statement backdrop featuring a dark navy and gold color palette offers just the starry-eyed touch to your special day. This backdrop could be the focus of photography or special moments during your day like your first dance or cake-cutting ceremony.

Not only should your color palette be magical but think outside the box with your wedding gown. Instead of the traditional white, try out a gold or silver dress for that extra pop of color.

If you’re really committed to the aesthetic, consider a wedding venue that offers a breathtaking view of the Texas sky and untouched landscape.  6Branch offers a stunning outdoor ceremony area featuring string lights and anything you’d need on your wedding day in central Texas.

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Having Micro Weddings Is the Safe, Budget-Friendly Way to Go in 2022

Large weddings aren’t for everyone. Between the high cost and trying to find a place that’s safe during a pandemic, 2022 might be the perfect time for smaller, intimate weddings.

Shed the baggage of family politics and drama. Your big day should only focus on you. With a micro wedding, only the people you want to talk to will attend. More face time with guests allows you to have those private moments that make the night worth it and more.

Smaller weddings are also more affordable from vendors to the full cost. The less stress you experience, the more you’ll enjoy your small Texas wedding.

Saving costs on your wedding day also leaves you with a bigger budget to splurge on a destination honeymoon.


Short Ceremonies, But Long Weekends of Fun Will Rise

Have a short, intimate ceremony and stay through the weekend at 6Branch. The memories you’ll make with friends and family mean more than a photo album from one night. The beautiful landscape allows you to focus on what’s most important on your wedding weekend: each other.

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Interested in Booking Your Wedding in 2022?

Right now, is the best time to book your 2022 wedding. 6Branch offers an array of options to help your dreams come true. From suites to catering areas to outdoor ceremony areas, you can finally focus on your big day and leave the rest to us.

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