5 Fresh Spring Wedding Color Palettes

Love is in the air! Engulf your spring wedding in one of these fresh and memorable color palettes to nail down that breathtaking wedding of your dreams. Whether you want a timeless regency feel or an earthy and rustic spring look, these colors are all the rage for Spring. And who can blame them? They go perfectly together.

The Timeless Regency Era for A Long and Happy Future

We see styles reemerge every year, and with the rise of Bridgerton and the regency era, these fresh colors will put a timeless spin on your Spring wedding. Bring life back to that elegant 1800s feel with soft blues and greens to match your all-white linen, chairs, and altar. And imagine your bridesmaids in a regency blue dress against your beautiful white wedding gown!

Garden Pastels to Match the Prettiest Field of Flowers

Go full spring mode with flower-like colors of orange, pink, and lavender for a pastel wedding! The spring colors almost represent a feeling of rejuvenation and rebirth, giving us instant joy when looking at what can grow after the darkness of winter. Don your bridesmaids in pastel blush pink and throw some pastel orange flowers down the aisle lighting the way for this walk into a new life.

A Clean Slate with Purifying Sage Green

Start off the new chapter in your life with a fresh clean color palette of pastels and a sage green. Giving us a clean linen feel with open windows and a nice cool Spring breeze falling over the ceremony. Imagine a bouquet accented with light lavenders and your bridesmaids in a soft, pastel green against that sage green background color!

Rustic Fairy Nights for a Spring in the Forest Feel

String up those fairy lights and walk through the trees for an evening wedding that would put a magical ball to shame.   Use a deep red or burgundy for a nice rustic like backdrop accented by cremes and burnt oranges to make things pop out and to add to the detail. In an outside setting, this would be a sight to see, mirroring that late-night magic many only dream to witness.

A Calming Atmosphere with Lavender and Dusty Rose

Many associate lavender with relaxation, peace of mind, and dreams.

Set that dreamy atmosphere with a lavender and dusty rose color palette for your spring wedding! Throw in some brown or even gold to add in that neutral tone and to beautifully accent dress details, decorations accents, and lettering for invitations, programs, place cards, and signs.

You can even adorn your venue with lavender and rose flowers or add them into your bouquet for a picture-perfect walk down the aisle.

The Perfect Backdrop for Your Palette

Now that you found the perfect color palette, all you need is the right venue to bring the look full circle! Schedule a tour today at 6Branch, where we are focused on giving you a memorable experience and a one-of-a-kind wedding!