Why Your Wedding Needs Videography

While a picture speaks a thousand words, nothing captures the essence and emotion better than video. Wedding videos are an engaging collection of memories to look back on and share your magic with the world.  

Wedding Videos Capture the Fun You Miss 

Your wedding day is filled with lots of moments you don’t want to miss and you’re so busy. The day can pass in a blur, and you can’t forget fun moments like this wedding entrance!  

A wedding videographer helps capture these precious (and hilarious) moments with a steady hand. They’re focused on the job and deliver the best quality content to cherish for many years to come.  

There may be sweet moments you miss and that’s natural. While you’re busy dealing with guests, your parents could be slow dancing on the floor. Or your groom helping a niece grab a plate of wedding cake.

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Wedding Videos Captures Emotions of Your Special Day 

Rather than relying on memory or photos alone, you can watch these big moments again and again wherever you are.  

Still photos capture a moment in time, but wedding videography captures enough footage to create an emotional movie, set to your wedding song, and tells a story of your wedding from start to finish.  

It’s the best gift you can give yourself after your wedding day.  

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Your Wedding Needs a Videographer  

Not only do you have a series of videos to watch, but they’re easily shareable. From posting on #WeddingTikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, you can not only give your videos a home, but share them with loved ones that weren’t able to make it.  

In the era of micro weddings, your videos are a valuable source for friends and family who want to watch from afar. 

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Ready to Hire a Wedding Videographer?  

We have a little pocket of vendors that we love at 6Branch.  

Waterloo Films will tell your wedding story and preserve your memories through the lens of talented videographer Jorge Flores. His passion fuels extensive videos like this that truly capture your special day.  

Invest in the Beauty of Texas Hill Country for Your Wedding Venue 

And if you’re looking for a venue, invest in a quiet and serene cut of the Texas Hill Country. 6Branch is a high-quality wedding venue dedicated to making your wedding easy. An incredible wedding doesn’t have to be stressful.  

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